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The world in motion...

Nobody knows what the future will bring. It becomes more and more clear that adaptability, realism and originality are competitive advantages. The world in motion. This calls for innovation. Innovation is more, and different than doing existing things better. Far more fundamental. Small wonder then that businesses struggle with innovation. Which route do you choose? Reinventing the strategy (what would total innovation look like in your business); speeding up (what can we do faster) or choosing a smarter approach (what can you do to use the brains you have available better)

Why would you try, if you can just do it?

Tapping into the human hidden potential is not a rational,logical system. Innovation doesn't benefit from 'paralysis by analysis'. Nowadays organizations have to be fit and sexy at the same time. Fit organizations are based on efficiency and business model-thinking; sexy organizations create experiences that nobody wants to miss. This requires the ability and the guts to manage emotional models. An inspiring example is the food retailer Whole Foods Market. Their motto: 'to create an organization based on love instead of fear'. The most valuable human capacities (courage, originality) are the most difficult to manage. Creating the right environment.