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Changepedia Metrics, because to measure = to know

The interactive webplatform Changepedia offers also an selection of metrics that help organizations, teams and individuals with change.

The topics on change that appear over and over are: employee engagement, vision and strategy, high performance or excellence in execution, effectiveness (output instead of input), creativity and innovation, new leadership. Changepedia Metrics map these aspects for you: how are we doing now; and how can it be different and better?

We use them steadfast in our projects, both at the start and during

  • to get to the heart of the matter
  • to measure progress
  • to gain deeper insight in resistance and how to redirect this

You can use the Changepedia Metrics with or without our advice, self-service or support concept. With self-service we train and certify you so you can use the metrics independently. You then can self send out and manage the metrics for your (internal) customers. Changepedia Trial Subscription?

What does each instrument contain exactly? Choose in the next box for more information and an example report.