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The essence of leadership

Leaders are usually people that take responsibility; in addition good leaders have common sense; they are not satisfied with dreams or speech. On top of that excellent leaders are inspiring and engaged. So leadership can be within reach for everyone. The essence may be reduced to personal engagement (inspiration) and having the courage to be self responsible. These people know what they talk about and act to their belief. That radiates trust and extorts respect and loyalty.

Research about personal drives shows that almost every CEO strives for impact, or in other words power and influence. You would think that taking personal responsibility is part of that. That is true and not true at the same time. Normally well developed is the responsibility for the hard, rational matters: the tangibles. The tension rises if decisiveness is needed for a less distinct area: the intangibles. For instance how do you give feedback on desirable behavior in your organization?

Leadership in the 21st century demands that we combine 2 completely different elements: hard and soft, manageable and intangible. It is necessary that we dare to use the tension between these elements. Both elements call for courage, both facets are crucial; they are contrary in their essence. How can you combine honesty, integrity, respect and authenticity with goals, performance and strategy?