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Adaptability, realism and originality

The key to professional success consists of the ability to earn trust and confidence of clients and to be trusted by them. Many professionals call themselves advisor; only few are viewed by their clients as partner in business. What is causing this?

In the current fast network economy professionals (or experts) have to make all sail to maintain and improve their expertise and knowledge. However this is not enough to effectively serve customers. To be able to give good advice doesn't make someone a good advisor. More is needed to distinguish oneself or to offer added value in the eyes of the customer. This is not only valid for the market of external advisors. This also applies to departments that operate internally. More often the service level is compared with that of the market. Outsourcing and flexibilization are very much in the air now.

The challenge for professionals

It is no longer enough for example for HR-professionals to be process expert or to manage the personnel department well. We want that they facilitate change processes or even stronger can advice us how to be a step ahead of change. The evolution of the profession of advisor in 3 steps:

  • understanding your expertise
  • understand your clients' business context
  • co-creating in moving your clients' business towards winning

This asks for transformation; in thinking and doing. Just like in leadership there is a demand to work hard (system, expertise) ortangibles and soft (context, influence) orintangibles at the same time. Fun and difficult. Target Point supports this in many different ways. Always based on a personal contribution and a smart product!