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The myth of motivation

Working on engagement means make the intangible tangible and concrete. The difference is that it will make a difference. If you love people or results; it is time to direct engagement!

Most organizations are not able to fully use their people's potential. Only 27% of the employees is working with passion. Almost 60% 'sleepwalks' daily and about 14% is even counterproductive and undermines the work of others. It is high time to tap into the unused potential of people and companies. But how?

Low engagement translates directly in mediocre results, dissatisfied customers and unhappy employees. Why do people put energy and talents into something? Or why do they decide not to? Which considerations, drives and emotions is at the root of this? How can you make sure that you realize more and more of your inner qualities in your daily work?

People today don't let themselves be led as if still in the industrial age. Bureaucracy and hierarchy mainly created a culture of distrust, non-commitment and fear. Fear to make mistakes; fear to speak your opinion out loud; or simple fear to lose your job. Employees often know instinctively what is needed to excel, but experience a feeling of powerlessness. They think that they are not able to change the system. That is a big error in reasoning; surely they are part of the system too.

Engagement: the new name of the game!
What is it really? How does it work? How to recognize it? Can it be influenced?