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Four stages - Get it Real makes the difference

A successful change process takes four stages into account. Each stage has it's own characteristics and value. Skip a step will get you in trouble. For each of the four stages Target Point has a surprising and effective approach. Tested in practice. The process steps are clear; the context is ever changing.

1. Feel the Need
The need of the change has to be transferred. How? By communicating why the change is needed. And by creating a feeling of discomfort (or commotion) about the existing situation. It helps to brainstorm about the future. And to talk about vision and strategy. The change exits in the mind; the new world is becoming visible.

2. Get it Real
This step touches a deeper layer. Development is here a better word than change. It becomes personally clear to people why start moving is desirable. They feel and experience on a individual level how the future can be fundamentally different from today. What that requires of them personally and what it could bring them personally! The change touches the heart!

3. Work the Change
Everyone involved needs to take action in the right direction. Or: The real work! The desired change is becoming concrete. Feel free to go for the quick wins! It is tempting to jump directly from Feel the Need to Work the Change. Then it will show that the process was (to) instrumental and doesn't know an owner (the quick fix method)

4. Make it Stick
An important step; here new behavior and new values are rooted in processes, policies and systems. The new becomes part of how we do things around here. HR plays an important role in this stage.