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Touring or on a Expedition?

When organizations undergo change, often people are still thinking in old patterns. The structure and strategy indeed have changed but the attitude and behaviour of people in the organization don't support the new.. Target Point, is from her start in 1990 active in implementing a supportive culture and changing the attitude and behavior needed. Work different; dare, think and do is the motto. Everybody is talking about it, but how do you go at it? We are a clear advocate of the Expedition (or the hiking tour). All our solutions are based on this principle.

The tour
The Expedition

A few smart brains make the plan
- start: detailled prescription
- ist and soll situation mapped
- staff/experts think

Board up-front and explicit
- open and direct about culture, behaviour
- looking at believes
- on the agenda of the sr. management

The Top puts people to work
- steers, follows up, is responsible
- clearly has the lead/power
- managers follow

Line management = leading
- in approach and interventions
- innovative initiatives (we want it!)
- learning in practice (culture coaches)

A lot of skill-training as intervention
- leadership/cooperation for managers
- client focus for employees
- assessments

- focused on attitude (next comes behavior)
- invent and do it yourself (culture coaches)
- impact on person and organization

Big budget for communication
- the never ending mix of means
- posters, screensavers, movies at the start
- 'speak it into existence'
- the 'new culture' manual

- by the Top about why & what
- how = appeal on each individual, feedback
- space for people and discovery
- first personal and only than means
Performance Management System
- adjustments upfront
- new goals (innovation, spirit)
- forced ranking (up or out)
- addressing seams/stays difficult
Performance Management
- system follows mindset
- first make the new principles your own
- then structure and pass it on
- addressing performance & attitude

Conscious use of fear
and (dare) to steer on this
- the other is responsible

Give self confidence back
process = mirror
- I am self responsible

People do want to change; they just don't like to be changed! The Expedition makes the process more thrilling but also more fun and more of your own (person and organization) Step by step! You know what you learned and can use it yourself.